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welcome to our creative world
We are Gabriela and Andy. We are both swiss citizens living in the netherlands. After a long time our dream became finally true, me and my husband mooved to the seaside to start a new life. This is why we have ended up in Bruinisse, which is on the lovely island Schouven-Duiveland in the province Zeeland in the Netherlands.

Brucreatief as a name and brand came into our head while trying to find a connection with what we do and where we live. So here we are........

We have connected our creativity with our village and it became Brucreatief.
the owner of the website
This part of Brucreatief does include all of Gabriela's handmade items. That means fluid arts and all sorts of crafts.

Other parts of our creativity do include our soap making business called zeepland. The website for this business is still under construction.

Last but not least Andy my husband will have his own guitar business where he will be buying and selling aswell as doing some maintanance on electric guitars. His own website will follow soon.

Now we hope you do enjoy your visit to our creative world and may get you inspired for some shopping or hands on.
All our Love and greetings
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