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Go to content my opinion that means

- sewing dresses aswell as gifts and whatever can be made out of fabrics

- knitting jumpers, hats, bags or what ever can be knitted with needles

- crocheting table clothes, bags, hats, scarfs, baby stuff

- working with beads

- art with shells, interieur decorations and what ever comes into my two hands
All of my skills are self trained over the years. so please be aware that I am not a professional dressmaker, I did not study arts or crafts and I did also not gain great goals in the arts world. But I am enthusiastic, loving materials, colors and creating. I am passionate about everything what can be self made and I try to spread love for arts and crafts.

All my products are handmade, as far as possible I do use sustainable materials and a lot of products from nature. These are shells from the beach, recycling materials and makeovers from leftovers, what ever crosses my way. My prices are as low as possible, but hey.... I do need to eat and drink and pay my bills.

Therefore please have a look in my shop, you can always find gifts to treat yourself or your best friend aswell as your husband/wife or child. If you prefer to get hands on, book yourself in to a workshop. I would love to meet you in my workshop studio.

If you wish to learn how to sew, to knit or crochet, please send me an email so we can arrange a workshop for it. I am patient and willing to let you learn these things. Children are also very welcome.

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